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Madness fun test

2010-10-31 16:30:28 by GumbyJr

Just a little thing to cure my boredom.Two second clip :D

A longer movie will be released sometime in the future.

After almost 8 months of on and off work due to school work and upcoming SAT's and such. Madness Amelioration is almost complete.

and yes it actually is a real word.

... :P

So this is a picture of the 9th scene, although it will actually be the 7th or so because of deleted scenes. So I may be posting more scenes and pictures now because, well, I guess a lot of people do that, so.... yeah.


Madness Amelioration: It's almost done  :D

First flash Short submission

2010-03-06 23:10:14 by GumbyJr

My first short submission to newgrounds :D

Yays :D

First Submisson Everrrr

2010-02-23 14:27:13 by GumbyJr


frst submission evah to Newgrounds



2010-02-06 14:52:32 by GumbyJr

Funny how something that takes 5 minutes to make brings more joy than something that takes 5 hours to make .____